Friday Follow hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

Dear Reader: Another Follow my Book Blog Friday…

Similar to a blog hop, a follow is a process for linking up and networking book bloggers except that the expectation is that you’ll hop around and follow some new book blogs.

They are fun and a great way for me to find and link to new book blogs – they are also a way for you to do the same.  If you want to see the list of people following, click on the picture below and follow it to the list of linked up bloggers on parajunkee’s website.

And parajunkee has posted a question for us: “If you were a t-shirt slogan, which one would you be?”
Gotta work “dog” in here somewhere, perhaps you can help?  So far, only corny, tacky, (that’s an Oxford comma) or obscure stuff is coming up: “Dog trainers do it on cue…” (Actually, that one’s kind of clever.)  “Doggone crazy.” “I brake for Golden Retrievers.”  “My Golden Retriever is smarter than your Lab.” “My Golden Retriever is an honor student in the Canine Consultant Obedience Class.”
Or we can go with book-oriented: “I brake for independent bookstores!” (kind of like that one too)  “My kindle has more books than your kindle” — oh, I just noticed that I veered off into bumper sticker land with a few of these…  “Readers do it with the lights on (unless they’re reading on their ipad).”
If you were a t-shirt slogan, what slogan would you be?
I think I’ll stop there…
Happy Reading, Ruby


  1. Gotta love a clever dog t-shirt!

    Check out my picks if you have a moment. I also just posted reviews for Buried, Hush Hush and Just Go With It.

  2. Cute choices! I especially liked “Readers do it with the lights on (unless they’re reading on their ipad)”. So many people are choosing reading-related shirts and for some reason that never occurred to me…which is strange since we’re book bloggers, right? lol Oh well! Have a great weekend!

  3. shananthebookaddict

    The one about dog trainers made me LOL.


    • Hi Shanan: Thanks for visiting! Glad I made you laugh, now I have to make up the t-shirts. I stopped by your blog – it’s really great and I picked up some tips, happy reading, Ruby

  4. great slogans.

  5. I don’t think there is any help for my bloodhound pup! LOL love the slogans 🙂

    Amanda Welling
    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

    • Hi Amanda: Thanks for writing. Lucky you having a bloodhound – I’ve been tempted, they are such cool dogs. But I’m trying to swear off hounds, not too effectively since I do have my 14 year old rescue beagle, Gilbert, who wakes me and the neighborhood up every morning at 6-6:30 and let’s all in a four block radius know if he knocked the chewy out of his crate… But he sure is cute and sweet… Happy Reading, Ruby

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