My Reading Life: Three New Books

Dear Reader:

I took my books to trade in at Snowbound Books yesterday.  They took some of them and gave me $35 in trade.

I found three new books: 56) One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty (HC, Harvard Press, 1983). I’m bolding books bought this year.   This is an autobiography.  I tend to think of Welty as an early 20th Century writer, but she died in 2001 at about 92, so really she wrote throughout the 20th Century.  While she was starting to be published in the 1930’s, much of her best known work was published during and after WWII.  This autobiography will help me a great deal when I get to reading her work.  I own 57) The Optimists Daughter (Vintage, 1978 HC).  She won a Pulitzer for this.  and 58) The Ponder Heart (Harcourt Brace, 1954 HC).  This book was bought used and has (delightfully) an enclosed newspaper article about her on her 90th birthday.  I also see that a fair number of her books are available for kindle and also a number of books about her and her writing.

I also bought: 59) The Lives of the Muses: Nine Women and the Artists They Inspired by Francine Prose (Perennial, 2003 HC) and 60) The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared by Alice Ozma (2011, Grand Central Publishing HC).  The Reading Promise is a book I ran into in my Amazon recommendations page – I downloaded a sample to my kindle.  It is the story of Alice, a young woman whose father is a school librarian and single parent of two daughters.  When she was nine, they made a promise to continue reading together every night for 100 (or 1000 – their accounts differ) days.  She was getting to the age when her sister asked not to be read to any more, but Alice loved it and wanted it to continue.  After they were celebrating 100 (or 1000) straight days of him reading aloud to her at least 10 minutes every day, they decide to keep up their “streak.”  And they did until she left for college at 18.  This is a sweet book – I started reading it last night.  The preface is by her father 🙂 and he seems like a really great dad.

So, I’m left with a rather large box of books culled from my shelves that Snowbound couldn’t take.  I could donate them to our local or university libraries.  I’m considering listing some of them on the Paperback Swap.  Do any of you have experience with the Paperback Swap?  It is a site where you list trade pubs you want to give away and new wish list books you’d like to get.  You get credit for the books you give away that allows you to acquire new books.  Everyone pays only the cost of mailing (although you can use the site to buy new books and/or books from Amazon).  I signed up and poked around, but it doesn’t look like there are a ton of books that fit with what I’d like to read that I don’t already have…  Of course, I could also select out some of the books and reabsorb them into my library – I might do this with a few, but definitely not all.  Suggestions?

Happy reading, Ruby

HC = hard copy, K = kindle copy, ADE = adobe digital edition copy.  Books are numbered in the order mentioned in the blog and listed in My List: What I’m Reading this Year (listed in my links section).


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