It’s Monday, What are YOU Reading?

Dear Reader:

Book Journey is sponsoring It’s Monday, What are You Reading? where we talk about what we just finished reading, what we are currently reading, and what we plan to read next.

So, I just finished reading #175) High Wages by Dorothy Whipple and #176) A Mother’s Recompense by Edith Wharton (in honor of her 150th birthday last week).  I’ll be blogging more fully about the Wharton – suffice to say I think it is my first Wharton and I liked it a lot.

I’m reading:

173) Winston: The Dog Who Changed my Life by Hilmar Klute was generously lent to me by Christy at Saved by Dogs (oooh, I see she has a new post up about Valentine’s Day and dogs).  Winston is the story of a man who accidentally ended up with a bull terrier who changed his life.  This non-dog man (half of a non-dog couple – the female half found the puppy abandoned in a cemetery) gets very wrapped up in Winston and becomes deeply involved in dog culture.  Since he is new to it, he’s a great explorer, noticing all the foibles more dog-oriented people might miss.

155) Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks (hard copy, for Feminist Classic readalong)  #20 on my 20 book pledge.  I read bell hooks years ago and very much liked her.  She tends to write short, sensible, highly engaging treatises on feminism.  So far (since this is the book for February) I’ve only read the first chapter, I’m enjoying it, although I have a quibble with her logic which I’ll save for my post about the book and comments on the Feminist Classics blog.

174) The Priory by Dorothy Whipple (hard copy, library)  Another book I’ve just started – so far, this is the story of a large, semi-strapped family living in a big old house made out of a former priory and ordered about by their patriarch, The Major.  Another Whipple, yippee!

What am I reading next?

142) Middlemarch by George Eliot (hard copy)  I keep saying I’m going to get to this one – shortly, I finally will!  Finishing up the George Eliot biography has gotten me psyched for moving into Middlemarch.  Finally!

Happy reading, Ruby



  1. Winston sounds right up my alley! I might have to add it to my (gigantic) list. I loved looking at all the photos of your pets!

  2. Yay for Wharton! I just finished The House of Mirth and loved it. I really need to think about George Eliot next.

  3. Looks like a busy reading week! George Eliot is one of those authors I have always meant to read and never seem to get to. I like your goal for the year of reading your own books! I am trying to stick to my TBR shelves a lot, too!


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    Book By Book

    • Hi Sue: Thanks for stopping by! Yes, she is – but you know what, I found Eliot very accessible – as is Wharton. I guess one of the things I’ve learned is these writers who were SO popular in their day really had to be able to write and engage a broad public (OK, so maybe not high school students…) Ulysses on the other hand, well, definitely NOT on my TBR. Happy reading, Ruby

  4. Looks like some great reading! My book club will be reading Killing Rage by bell hooks later this year.

  5. I grew up with a dog like Winston. He was the best dog. Have a great reading week.

  6. Well, yay! I’m so pleased to have found your blog! Thanks for hopping by What She Read and offering your Whipple suggestion.
    In the “Coincidence? I think not.” category: I’m just now rescuing a tiny dog whom I never would have considered considering (from the department of redundancy department) in past years, months, or days, so Winston appeals to me too.
    And I have enjoyed bell hooks’ work over the years, so I’ll be interested to read your thoughts about her book.

    • Hi! Thank you! How tiny? You might check out my frien’s Saved by dogs blog- the link is in my blogroll. There is so much satisfaction in adopting a rescue. I have loved my three rescue dogs very much. Ruby

  7. I’ve only read one Wharton and loved it. It was The Age Of Innocence. I highly recommend it. Will definitely be reading more. Hope you get the chance to read George Eliot. I plan on giving one a go at some point this year. Haven’t decided which yet.

    • Hi Karen: thanks for visiting. I look forward to reading more Wharton and her bio is in the mail. I should have linked to my recent Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner reviews- loved both, Ruby

  8. Enjoy all your new books. I enjoyed Middlemarch, but I loved Adam Bede!

    • Hi: That is great to know – Adam Bede is considered a lesser Eliot. But I have a hard copy of it, so I’m glad to hear it is good. Thanks for stopping by, Ruby

  9. I haven’t read any of those books. But I would like to read some Eliot in the future. I tried The Mill on the Floss, but it wasn’t working much but I wonder if there’s another out there more to my tastes.

    • Hi. Silas Marner is shorter and might be a better entry point. I have not read Adam Bede, but another blogger wrote me that they loved it… Thanks! For stopping by, Ruby

  10. chris

    I am rather fond of bell hooks. And Bull Terriers.
    Not necessarily together…but both worthy of attention.

    I am so far behind in reading of good books though, it is just rather sad. Thank you for continuing to providing a synopsis of all the good reading I’m missing out on.

    • Hi Chris: 😦 You are welcome! Hmmm, a feminist-bull terrier manifesto – it’s a narrow niche, but I think there’s a market. Can’t wait to see what you come up with… I wish you lots of time (soon) to read, read, read some good stuff! Happy blogging, Ruby

  11. Aww, Winston sounds amazing! I love the dog on the cover, so cute! Happy reading!

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