The next book….

Dear Reader:

Should be Reading is hosting Musing Mondays – asking people to answer the following question: “How far into your current book do you get before thinking about the next book?”

My answer: I’m always thinking about the next book and the next book and the one after that…  I struggle to keep myself to just 2-3 books at a time.  I get more out of them that way, but as my british grandfather would say (paraphrasing) “My TBR is always bigger than my CBR*.”  How about you?  Happy reading, Ruby

*CBR = can be read.  OK, what he actually said was “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”  But you get the point.  🙂



  1. I’m always reading two or three books at the same time! It’s crazy.

    Thanks for this thoughtful question.

  2. Perfect comment… my CBR is way bigger than my TBR. I may have to use that one. 😉 My MM:

    • Hi Tia: thanks for writing. I suppose our ambition makes us strive to read more and more, a good thing even if we can never read fast enough to fulfill our ideal, ruby

  3. I actually don’t think about my next book until I finish the one I’m reading. I don’t enjoy starting a new book, I’m just waiting until I get caught up in the story. I love knowing my setting, and characters. I love books that capture me from the beginning.

    • Hi: I admire your focus – lately, I find myself hurrying through the last sections of books, wanting to finish and blog about them and move on to something new. But it is the best when you finish a book and are sad to let everybody go, isn’t it? Happy Reading, Ruby

  4. karin

    I have over 1700 files (some files have over 100 books in them) on my Kindle that I have bought over 3 years. I have only read 280 of them. So, you see my tbr is way over my cbr. I start 4 or 5 books, before settling in on that I will focus on until I finish it.

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