Library Loot! and WWW Wednesdays

Dear Reader:

Claire at The Captive Reader is sponsoring Library Loot wherein we share what we have checked out from the library.  Great idea for a meme!  And Should be Reading is hosting WWW Wednesdays focused on what have just read (discussed here), currently reading (below), and soon to be reading (also below).

So, I have:

#174) The Priory by Dorothy Whipple is the only book I have checked out right now – that is through Interlibrary Loan from our university library.  I’m sort of thankful that I’m not responding to this earlier as I returned about 20 books earlier this week!  This 1930s story of the Marwoods pivots on Anthea, the 37 year old addition to the family – Major Marwood’s new wife who is happily pregnant – and whether she can craft a happy life for herself from within this family with a long history of self-satisfied limbo.  I got caught up in this question early on, watching Anthea (who had been reading books on how to be happy, how modern of her!) enter as a passive, yearning woman ready to mold herself around other people and then begin to fight her way forward.  I was pessimistic – I don’t remember a more static, awful family in a novel.  But we watch her taking baby steps forward with preliminary success…

On the interlibrary loan/hold front, I have six books on order:

177) The Great Mr. Knight by Dorthy Whipple (hard copy, library)

178) Islanders by Helen R. Hull (hard copy, library)

179) The Other Day: The World of a Child by Dorothy Whipple (autobiography, hard copy, library)

180) Random Commentary (compiled from notebooks and journals from 1925 onwards) by Dorothy Whipple (hard copy, library)

181) A Very Great Profession: The Woman’s Novel 1914-39 by Nicola Beauman (hard copy, library)

182) The Feminine Middlebrow Novel, 1920s to 1950s: Class, Domesticity, and Bohemianism by Nicola Humble (hard copy, library)

Just like Christmas!

Happy reading, Ruby



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m not familiar with your loot but it sounds good. Enjoy!

  2. FleurFisher

    I love Dorothy Whipple but I have yet to read The Priory. It sounds as though things are about to get more interesting.

    And that’s an interesting list of holds. I’ve perused “The Feminine Middlebrow” and what I have read is very good but it is long – not to mention heavy!

    • Hi: Thanks for stopping by. I am enjoying the Priory, it is just a little longer and slower than her others – even my “less favorite” Whipple is still really great. Thanks for the heads up on Feminine Middlebrow! Happy reading, Ruby

  3. Sorry to hear The Priory didn’t impress you with its opening. I hope it gets better as you get further in! You have some absolute treats on your ILL hold list: A Very Great Profession is excellent and everything I’ve heard of The Feminine Middlebrow Novel has made me eager to read it as well. Enjoy!

    • Hi Claire: Thanks for stopping by – I’m liking the Priory, just not as much as her others – but you know, Greenbanks was a bit slow going in the beginning and I ended up loving it, so we’ll see. Thanks for the heads up on A Very Great Profession – I figured it would help me get the big picture of all these excellent Virago and Persephone writers out there (and I’m tired of not seeing Whipple in compendiums of great literature, including ones focused on female writers in English!), Ruby

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