Hi and welcome to my blog!  Thank you for reading.  I’d love to learn something about you – please feel free to share your reading experiences in the comments section.

Do you share my rapid book buying habit?  Are you trying to find a way to work your way through what you’ve already bought?

I’m a professional who spends a lot of time reading, writing, and editing other people’s writing for work.  I live in the rural upper Midwest.

My current passions are reading good literature and entertaining my retrievers.

I started this blog so I’d stop buying books at a much higher rate than I can read them.  But this blog has become so much more!  I have new blogger friends all over the world and have discovered fantastic new authors that I love.

I also want to motivate myself to focus my reading on stuff I actually want to read before I die (I turned 50 this year and this is the way I think now – how am I going to spend the next [hopefully] 30-50 years of my life).

Ruby is my blog pseudonym.

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  1. Hi there – as I scrolled the comments section after the article on print books versus digital readers, I landed on your comment with your very strategically placed blog link and clicked over. It would appear that there are quite a few of “us” out there: book and dog lovers! What a happy combination. Will have to spend some time on your blog to find out what your favorite books are. – Kathy

  2. Whoops! ….comment section after the article in the 7/28 online NY Times.

    • Hi Kathy: Thanks for reading and writing – I figured out what you were talking about from your first email 🙂

      I thought twice about putting my blog URL on my comment, but figured self-promotion is an essential element of starting a blog if you want to have some regular readers and they let it go through… yeah!

      I’m looking at your blog now – looks great, really interesting. You might enjoy my friend’s Saved by Dogs blog (the link is on my blog links section).

      I’m heading over to your blog now – thanks for stopping by! Ruby

  3. Hi – I subscribed to your blog from day one and am really enjoying reading about your motivations, your lists etc. Ditto here about buying more than I can keep up with (plus now I download freebies from amazon for my kindle – yikes!). I did a major major purge this year – in response to a major change in my life – but I’m back to old habits – sigh. I want to support bricks and mortar stores and there are 2 excellent ones here in Brisbane, so when I visit I buy. Not too many, but I do. I try not to visit too often. Now, if your international jetsetting were to head downunder, and specifically to Queensland, a coffee and a chat is on offer…Kate

    • Hi Kate: Thanks for reading and for commenting! Yes, I understand that book buying urge very well! Sounds like you’ve made some progress though. Thanks for the offer of getting together if I make it down your way – I have never been to Australia and I certainly hope to do so at some point, I’ll get in touch if I do, thanks! Ruby

  4. Jillian ♣

    I’m reading through the books I own this year — mostly. I know I won’t be able to read all of them in 2012, but it’s a start. I buy far too many. 🙂

    Great project!

    • Hi Jillian: Thanks for commenting – good for you! I’d love to hear how it goes. And you have a great website blog, I checked it out when you first commented – I’ll be over soon, Happy New Year! Ruby

  5. Hi Ruby! Thanks so much for the visit! I love the idea of your blog! Why buy when they’re just lying there, begging to be read!? I too am trying to be more conscious of having some reading time – so many books, so little time 🙂

    i’ve added you to my blogroll and I’ll be back 🙂

  6. hi! thanks for stopping by http://accidentalhappiness.wordpress.com/

    i am a hopeless book collector. i can’t seem to pass up books, and even if they are in pretty rough condition, i seem to cart them home with me thinking i can pawn them off on someone. i’m sure one day when i’m old and grey i’ll be on an episode of “Hoarders” and hidden behind a wall of novels. sigh. well it could be worse! instead of collecting books we could be car collectors; that takes a LOT more space!

    • Hi Denelle: Thanks for stopping by! On the other hand, perhaps you’ll become famous like the Colyer brothers. True – for many, many reasons an addiction to book acquisition is not the worst bad habit there is.
      I’ve found I can replace the dopamine jolt of adding a new book with the dopamine jolt of knocking one off my TBR list, knocking off another post, or acquiring a new follower, comment, or subscriber. Thanks again, Ruby

    • Hi: Thank you! I’ve found I can replace the dopamine jolt of a new book with the dopamine jolt of crossing one off my TBR, knocking off a new post, or acquiring a new comment or subscriber. If you DO die beneath your books, at least you’ll be famous! Ruby

  7. JJ Keeler

    Hi There…what is your policy for reviewing books?

  8. I am a cat person myself though I like dogs a lot. How does the cat fit in the family?

    • Hi Mel: Thanks for stopping by. My cat has adapted well to dogs. It’s important to have dogs who aren’t too playful or predatory if they are going to live with cats, whether they grow up with them from puppies or are naturally that way. A good shelter will test out a dog with cats, at least upon request. I considered a dog once that I didn’t end up adopting because their cat reaction was too strong and I have a friend whose dog can’t visit us because he would constantly chase my cat. Fred is a remarkable cat who has come to be very affectionate with my dogs, frequently grooming them – and Gus, my golden retriever with limitless affection-absorption capabilities, begs to be groomed by Fred. Ruby

  9. lissymail

    Just found you! I love the idea of this blog–I used to buy books faster than I could read them too! But now, I have turned to fiber. AHhhhhh. Thanks for stopping by knittingthestash!

    • Hi Lissy – thanks – you may see that I have not updated my blog for three years… I did it for a year and then moved on to other stuff. But I’m happy to follow your blog. I see you live outside Ithaca – one of the best small cities in the world – I’m from Otsego county and consider that my hometown, but my family lived in Cortland for years after I graduated from high school and I know the area well. Lucky you! Kathy

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