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All My Lovin’: My All Time Top Ten Favorite Independent Bookstores

Dear Reader: What is it about a sunny, cold spring day?  The light always seems brightly bleak.  Is the light really different or is it just the lack of leaves?  The light in Easter photos always seems so specific. My Top Ten Independent Bookstores I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while.  I’ve …

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What’s the coolest thing you’ve found in a book? Mailbox Monday

Dear Reader: Keweenaw News We got a bunch of new snow last week that has created great cross country ski conditions.  Gus (my golden retriever) and I were out on some loops this morning with my friend Jo and her dog, Mundy.  A great time was had by all!  Gus and I skied two hours …

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Yooper Scooping and It’s Monday! What are you/am I reading?

Dear Reader: It’s an unseasonably warm, sunny and blustery winter day up here on the shores of Lake Superior.  Still far below normal lake effect snow levels for us – seems to be striking fear or glee in the hearts of all our long-term local citizenry.  In 17 years, this is the mildest winter I’ve …

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Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple

Dear Reader: My favorite book blogger, Book Snob, has been raving about Persephone Books Press in London for awhile (if you happen to be in London, they have a storefront where you can buy books – heaven!).  Persephone is a small press specializing in publishing out of print books of great quality, particularly by women …

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Ebooks, Independent Presses, and Independent Bookstores

Dear Reader: Many of you are intrigued by ebooks but concerned about their tendency to lead us to buy only from one big conglomerate (Amazon – kindle) or chain (Barnes and Noble – nook). If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I love my kindle, but I definitely share your concerns. When I …

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My Reading Life: Kindles and Ipads and Paper Books, Oh My!

Dear Reader: *****WARNING: Long blog entry ahead!*********** Ahhhhh, the life of a book fiend in the early 21st Century!  So many choices, so many options, so many ways to get more books than an entire city of people could read in their lifetimes…. Have you been thinking about getting an ereader, but feeling unsure about …

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