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Figuring it all out

Dear Reader: I’m happy to say that I’m returned from my last trip this year and looking forward to two and a half months at home.  I plan to take at least a couple weeks off.  And to do a lot of dog walking, cross country skiing, reading, cooking, blogging, and some knitting (need to …

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Mystery Monday: The Fifth Woman by Henning Mankell

Dear Reader: It has been awhile since I started this book – reading a lot of Elizabeth Bowen, Chinese history and literature, and travel took me off track.  But this was my book to read in the interstices – when the cockpit door was closed, my kindle and Steve Jobs was stowed and upon descent, …

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Mystery Wednesday

Dear Reader: I’m a mystery fan. I am on a kick reading a lot of the Scandinavian authors, but I also like Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Sue Grafton, and Elizabeth George. I’ve often wondered why books (and tv shows and movies and plays) about people who solve murders are so popular. Is it because they …

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