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Leopold’s Apples, Cross Country Skis and Krumkake: The Leopard by Jo Nesbø

Dear Reader: Colder today – more seasonal, although early May can be like this: frosty nights and sunny days.  We had a long nearly two hour hike with friends Shelle and Jo and their dogs Darcie and Mundy. Zoe’s doing so well – she had a great time playing hard with everybody and when I …

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Do They Feel Lucky? Sex, Chips, and Barrels: Stewart O’Nan’s The Odds

Dear Reader: It’s so nice to have dog friends – other good friends who love dogs, not dogs I love, but those are excellent too. Last night Christy treated me to a lovely dinner and lots of dog talk. This morning Mark and I took Louie, Sophie, Gus, and Zoe out for 1.5 hours of …

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