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BDSM and Money, Monkeys and Doves, Feminism in the Islands, and Dying Too Young

Dear Reader: Another trip to Mexico and another catch-up post… 510) Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James (kindle) #45 Hmmmm. Should I lead with this? OK. The book a lot of people are talking about. Including this VERY hilarious Saturday Night Live “Mothers Day ad.” (Warning: NSFW …

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Nazis, Adultery, Curries, Curates, and Regency

Dear Reader: A couple mysteries, two biographies, and a novel. 127) Until thy Wrath is Past by Asa Larsson (kindle) #15 Bettan and Simon are young people in love with adventure and each other.  And then they mysteriously die on a dive to see a crashed airplane in a remote lake.  We are led through …

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Lutherans, Reindeer Steaks, and March Snow Showers Bring….: The Blood Spilt by Åsa Larsson

Dear Reader: It is March 30th and looks like this: I’m supposed to be in Mexico City where it is sunny and 77 F and my research team colleagues are enjoying themselves: Source: Great Lakes EPA Office (Used with Permission) But Ruby, my 14 year old retriever/collie mix, had a stroke Tuesday night so I …

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Leopold’s Apples, Cross Country Skis and Krumkake: The Leopard by Jo Nesbø

Dear Reader: Colder today – more seasonal, although early May can be like this: frosty nights and sunny days.  We had a long nearly two hour hike with friends Shelle and Jo and their dogs Darcie and Mundy. Zoe’s doing so well – she had a great time playing hard with everybody and when I …

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Do They Feel Lucky? Sex, Chips, and Barrels: Stewart O’Nan’s The Odds

Dear Reader: It’s so nice to have dog friends – other good friends who love dogs, not dogs I love, but those are excellent too. Last night Christy treated me to a lovely dinner and lots of dog talk. This morning Mark and I took Louie, Sophie, Gus, and Zoe out for 1.5 hours of …

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Cursuses, Diamonds, Oland, and Addisons: Four in One Mystery Monday (Magdalen Nabb, Johan Theorin, Elly Griffiths, Lauren Grodstein)

Dear Reader: Ahhh spring! 19 degrees Farenheit. 16 more inches of snow! Black ice… The flowers are so lovely this time of year (in my imagination) up here on the fabled shores of Lake Superior… OK, the upside – two days of glorious cross country skiing with Gus. It makes me laugh to see him …

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Figuring it all out

Dear Reader: I’m happy to say that I’m returned from my last trip this year and looking forward to two and a half months at home.  I plan to take at least a couple weeks off.  And to do a lot of dog walking, cross country skiing, reading, cooking, blogging, and some knitting (need to …

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Town and Country

Dear Reader: One more short trip soon and then I’m home for 2.5 months!  Yea!  I’m looking forward to enjoying winter and my gang and reading and writing in this blog… Meanwhile, I wrapped up two more books this weekend. #91 Still Life: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel (Three Pines Mysteries) by Louise Penny (kindle) …

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Mystery Monday: The Fifth Woman by Henning Mankell

Dear Reader: It has been awhile since I started this book – reading a lot of Elizabeth Bowen, Chinese history and literature, and travel took me off track.  But this was my book to read in the interstices – when the cockpit door was closed, my kindle and Steve Jobs was stowed and upon descent, …

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China, Black Cats, and Pym

Dear Reader: I finished a couple more books and bought one more book 80) Barbara Pym’s A Glass of Blessings (HC, 1958).  I got the book at the very nice used bookstore “The Dusty Bookshelf” in Lawrence, Kansas.  What a lovely bookmark!  I collect them in a casual way – trying to get at least …

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