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Bullies, Priories, Poles, and Following: Whipple, Pilch, and Klute

Dear Reader: Follow me Friday Alison Can Read and Parajunkee are sponsoring Feature and Follow Friday which is featuring Omnom Books.  This is another meme that links up book bloggers and gets them following each other.  They also ask us to answer the following question:  Q: Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they …

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Happy Belated Birthday, Edith! And Top Ten and Teaser Tuesday

Dear Reader: Edith Wharton is 150 #154) Hermione Lee’s biography of Edith Wharton arrived in the mail with a big 850 page thud today – yes! It was Edith’s 150th birthday recently and in honor of her (I’m NOT going to try to spell that one) centennial and a half I decided to get going …

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Figuring it all out

Dear Reader: I’m happy to say that I’m returned from my last trip this year and looking forward to two and a half months at home.  I plan to take at least a couple weeks off.  And to do a lot of dog walking, cross country skiing, reading, cooking, blogging, and some knitting (need to …

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