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Leopold’s Apples, Cross Country Skis and Krumkake: The Leopard by Jo Nesbø

Dear Reader: Colder today – more seasonal, although early May can be like this: frosty nights and sunny days.  We had a long nearly two hour hike with friends Shelle and Jo and their dogs Darcie and Mundy. Zoe’s doing so well – she had a great time playing hard with everybody and when I …

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Lost in Dogland: Zoë the Puggle+

Dear Reader: We’ve gone from January to July in a week – with several days in 70’s (F) up here on the shores of Lake Superior.  Several feet of snow have melted rapidly (yea!) and my yard is nearly free of snow about a month earlier than usual. Dog-related post alert…  So, I’ve been AWOL …

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