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Wow! Murder, Technology, and Ray Bradbury’s Prescience

Dear Reader: Lovely, breezy summer’s day up here in the Keweenaw.  What’s it like in your neck of the woods?  Hope you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of books. The Murderer (1953) by Ray Bradbury I’ve been working my way through the short stories in 520) Twice 22 by Ray Bradbury, 1959 …

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Summer in a Bottle: Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine

Dear Reader: For those of us up here in the northern hemisphere, summer has just begun, although many of us having been having unusually summery days since March.  This is a great time to talk about Dandelion Wine. “I don’t want to die!” Douglas screamed without a sound. “You’ll have to anyway, said the voice, …

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Something Lovely This Way Comes: RIP Ray Bradbury and Jane Austen

Dear Reader: You may have heard that Ray Bradbury died this week at 91 years old.  The New York Times gave him a great sendoff with the honor of a very informative, complimentary obituary. Ray Bradbury Bradbury was one of my favorite writers in my youth.  I first found his stories at the Gilbertsville Free …

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