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Gold and Judgement: John Ruskin’s King of Golden River and Julia Serano’s Whipping Girl

Dear Reader: Some of you may have noticed that I trumpeted reading “one book a month” in April in my last post. I could fix my error on my website, but not on your emailed posts… Argh. Probably everyone figured out I mean “one book a day” in April. 503) King of Golden River by …

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Girdles, Power, and Violence: Feminism is for EVERYBODY by bell hooks

Dear Reader: I started this book as part of the Year of Feminist Classics Challenge.  I’d read and likeed bell years ago in a women’s studies class. 155) Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks Although she is a university faculty member, bell purposely writes in clear, forthright, accessible language.  Part of her “project” is …

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Whoops – here’s a title: Sex, Literature, and the Volga (George Eliot, Edith Wharton, bell hooks, Helen R. Hull, Nicola Humble, Susan Richards)

Dear Reader: Book Journey is hosting It’s Monday, What are You Reading? So, seemed like a good chance to tell you what I’m in the middle of…  I have seven books going – violating my own “2 books at a time” informal rule…  Three are from the library for limited times, one’s for a readalong, …

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